Tweets for week ending 2009-06-01

Poke around with Twitter and there’s always something not working. Part of its charm and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not deliberate. # Thanks for the follow, @apolicyfordave, but simple research would have shown I’m not really your target market. # I seem to have contracted baby-flu from my son. I understand it is […]

Weekly report, week-ending 29 May

This is my first weekly report-back on the blog.  It is currently a trial, and you can read some of my thoughts about it in a blog-post I wrote before commencing the reports.  It is not intended to be, nor can it be, an exhaustive report of what I have been doing during the week […]

Using my blog to report back…

One of the suggestions when I asked for ideas for the blog last week (and I’m still looking for ideas or suggestions, feel free to add a comment or email was a regular ‘report’.  Of course, reports can take many formats, but I thought I’d give it a go. I’m going to trial this […]

Woburn House, 155 Falcon Road, planning application

Residents living near Falcon Road might be interested in the current consultation the council has received for the Woburn House site on Falcon Road.  The site was the old job centre and is currently a solicitors.  The application is for a 16 storey, 132 bedroom, hotel. I know many who objected to the Clapham Junction […]

Are the BNP active in Battersea?

A few people have had the dreadful BNP leaflet land on their doormat recently and asked me if this means the BNP is active in Battersea.  Luckily, I think the answer is no. In each case the leaflet has been their badly researched election communication featuring a Polish Spitfire, American models and an elderly Italian […]

Kathmandu, Lavender Hill, licensing application

Although the public notice has been in the window for some time, I have been formally notified of a licensing application for the premises at 133 Lavender Hill (currently called Kathmandu – though new applications often signify a change in management and name – opposite the Chuch of the Ascension). The application is quite restricted, […]

Crime briefing, 14 – 21 May

The map below details crimes reported in Wandsworth between 14 and 21 May. There still seems to be a high level of burglary, as I noted last week. If you have any information on any of these crimes you can get in touch with the local police on 020 7350 1122 or via Crimestoppers (anonymously, […]

Tweets for week ending 2009-05-24

I see Twitter totally differently without replies. Not sure if I need to follow lots more or cull lots to get the value back. # I’ve just heard the Clapham Junction planning application has been withdrawn by the developer. # “My biggest achievement is to quote other people on twitter.” Anonymous (via @robertz) # “My […]

Happy Bank Holiday

It’s the last long weekend for a while – we go most of summer until we get another – so rather than reading this, make the most of it. And if you are in Wandsworth over the weekend, go easy on anyone who comes knocking on your door asking how you might vote (even the […]

And what do you want me to do as a councillor?

After I asked for suggestions on where I might take the blog yesterday one of the comments expressed disappointment that it wasn’t asking what issues I might take up! So now I’m asking, are there any issues, concerns or problems with which I can help? I make the offer from time to time and usually […]