Another lesson for Cameron from Wandsworth

I mentioned Wandsworth’s great results in the Audit Commission’s place survey in a post last week. Over the weekend a short article by the council Leader, Edward Lister, appeared on the ConservativeHome website. (I’ve included the whole article at the end of this post.) Obviously, I’m not going to disagree with his article – he’s […]

Eccles Road report to council

Over the past few months I’ve blogged about the disruption suffered by residents of Eccles Road because of the sewer work being undertaken by Thames Water. The previous posts were: Eccles Road’s Jack and Jill waterworks, Eccles Road waterworks and Eccles Road and traffic. The report, which is on the council’s website, is a bit […]

Crime briefing, 18 – 25 June

The map below details crimes reported in Wandsworth between 18 and 25 June. With the hot weather always remember to make sure your doors and windows are closed and secure whenever your leave your home, and even if you are not going to be in the room for a lengthy period, burglars look for opportunities […]

Major Jo Norton

I was saddened to hear yesterday of the death of Jo Norton on Saturday. Jo was a real stalwart of Salvation Army in Wandsworth and had most recently been one of the driving forces in the establishment of street pastor schemes in Wandsworth. I will confess to having been sceptical of the schemes when they […]

Tweets for week ending 2009-06-28

Farewell, @localguardian, I will miss your Twitterfeed of news & spam but I'm going to give my heart to @Wandsworth_news instead. # Ordnance Survey's choice for Michael Martin replacement? A thoughtful looking Electoral Commission Chief Exec. # I don't suppose anyone cares, but today I'm a martyr to my back. # I feel I […]

Weekly report, week ending 26 June

It will be a short on this week, for a few reasons.  First, a lot of my time has been spent on those routine meetings that take up a lot of time.  Second, I have managed to injure my back, which severely restricted my movement, especially at the beginning of the week. Please direct all […]

Clapham Junction hotel – developers appeal to the Mayor

Although the application for the hotel was rejected last night the developers are now appealing to the Mayor. Any applicant has the right to appeal a decision, which will normally go to the planning inspectorate.  This is unusual in that it’s not, technically, an appeal, but instead a request that the Mayor takes responsibility for […]

Open air opera at Battersea Reach

Last night saw an incredibly successful event organised by Wandsworth Town Centre Partnership (with support from St George). I made some fairly feeble attempts at recording elements – an AudioBoo: Listen! And a video, although distance and the light mean phone cameras are not going to produce great results it does give a good impression […]

Clapham Junction hotel rejected

The application to build a 16 storey hotel on the Woburn House site (the old job centre on Falcon Road) was rejected, unanimously, by the planning applications committee last night.

Crime in Tooting (and Balham, Earlsfield and Furzedown)

Another good discussion from last night’s committee was on crime in Tooting (which, for the police, includes Balham, Earlsfield and Furzedown). It was the first time the committee has had a geographically based crime paper, in the past it has concentrated on crime by type. Let me start by setting the context that Wandsworth is […]