Unemployment claims in Wandsworth

Almost no change in Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claims in the borough for November! In October there were 6,056 claims, in November 6,055 (a change of just -0.02%). The year-on-year change is a little happier, it’s a drop of 586 (-8.82%) from this time in 2009. The longer term impact of the recession is clear, the […]

Gas and water leaks

With the start of another icy blast of cold weather the council’s Roadworks Bulletin this week contained a useful bit of information about water and gas leaks (which I’m posting as much for my own information): The cold weather significantly increases the likelihood of leaking water and gas mains, which quickly go on to become […]

The council doesn’t have all the answers

“The council doesn’t have all the answers” was one of the closing comments by the council’s deputy leader, Maurice Heaster, during a debate on the Wandsworth Challenge last week. I would hope, to most, that this is fairly self-evident, but sometimes you wonder. You wonder first because there is a tendency for government (of whatever […]

Gritting Wandsworth

It’s that time of year when the weather dominates council life. We have been out gritting for days (since Saturday morning to be precise) both priority road routes and pavements. By far the hardest job is gritting pavements, mainly because these have to be done manually. The council concentrates on priority areas for pavement gritting, […]