Good map — thanks!

However… I think Wandsworth’s response to the cold weather has been very disappointing.

20 grit bins for the whole borough — that’s around one bin per 15,000 residents, or one for every 100 streets! Many areas have no bins at all. Likewise, Transport for London have done little or nothing to grit or clear snow and ice on busy roads such as Balham High Road and Bedford Hill.

In Balham we have no bins, little or no gritting, and a majority of roads and pavements that are dangerous or impassable when there’s ice and snow. Older and disabled residents have difficulty driving or using the pavements, and many are unable to leave their homes at all.

The cost to the economy is huge: from transport delays and cancellations, cancelled services and deliveries, injuries, car accidents, and so on. Conversely, salt is actually pretty cheap: around £20-£30 a tonne.

UK infrastructure continues to dominated by institutions like the borough councils, TfL, BAA and National Rail with a bureaucratic ‘can’t do’ attitude. Residents are more than willing to help out and contribute — everyone I’ve spoken to would happily clear pavements and spread grit if it was available.

We really need to sort this out — Wandsworth, get your act together!