Things I like to see 2

A borough rarely evokes the civic pride it deserves; the areas you identify with rarely have coterminous borders with a local authority. Indeed, I’d probably say I’m from Battersea before I’d say I was from Wandsworth. And while I can think of any number of points of pride I have when comparing Wandsworth and others […]

This winter’s grit-bin locations

Just like last year the council has place a number of grit bins around the borough, and I’ve updated the Google map I did of the locations. Only two or three have moved (I didn’t keep a precise count of changes) so if you had a bin last year the chances are good it is […]

Things I like to see

View Larger Map Google Maps is now more accurate! Having been raised many times by many different people like the SW11tch campaign and various people from the Streetlife Identity Taskforce the mapping used by Google now puts Clapham over, well, Clapham. While this shouldn’t take any credit away from map providers like Bing or the […]

Balham power failures (again)

The power in Balham Town Centre failed again today, affecting a number of businesses and residents. I thought it worth a quick blog post to mention a recent meeting I had with UK Power Networks to discuss the situation. The history To give a brief history this is not the first time it has happened. […]

Elsley School development

View Larger Map Crest Nicholson, the developers who now own the Elsley School site, are holding an exhibition this Friday so residents can see their plans for the site. The old Elsley School was the last remaining building on the old Gideon Road after the Luftwaffe and the post-war planning did their bit (that’s probably […]

Battersea Power Station

Not, at first sight, the greatest news for Nine Elms that the banks have called in the administrators at Battersea Power Station. My reaction on hearing the news yesterday was not one I would readily repeat. Could the site be cursed? In fact, the outlook for Nine Elms remains good. For a start, the Government […]