Thirsty Camel licence application rejected

I’ve just found out that Thirsty Camel’s application for a new licence was rejected at last night’s licensing panel hearing.

The current licensee had lost his licence after being found selling counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes but a new licence application was made by an associate, presumably so they could continue trading in exactly the same way as before.

Despite my libertarian instincts, this is a good result: in trading illegal cigarettes (and previously selling to underage drinkers) the shop was competing unfairly with other retailers and putting customers at risk with products that were potentially harmful.

Battersea in the movies

I’ve never seen this before, but a fantastic 1970s car chase from Brannigan around Battersea (including a lot of the Shaftesbury Park Estate) then Wandsworth before heading up York Road and taking a left on to, um, Tower Bridge.