My HomePod has stopped giving verbal feedback, even the little ‘uh-huh’. It feels like it’s cross with me or sulking. Too many Christmas playlists perhaps.

Theresa May personally insisted that the words “ending of free movement of people” be added to the first page of the [Brexit] political declaration

No surprise, really, than an illiberal and intolerant Home Secretary should become an illiberal and intolerant PM (from Buzzfeed).

With the confidence of two-thirds of her party Theresa May will go back into her head-down-and-carry-on mode. It has got her amazingly far and shows no sign of failing.

Well, no sign of failing her, failing the country is a different matter.

When I was younger I never really got how ‘confidence’ affected the economy. Older, with a mortgage and a family and watching the disaster that is UK politics I’m getting a very clear lesson on how confidence affects micro-economic decisions.

I keep watching UK politics thinking that we must, surely, have reached the point where people recognise there are enormous systemic problems that simply need to be addressed.

Then Theresa May pops up to remind me that some people are simply incapable of re-considering mistakes.