Why does the Government prefer chuggers to councils?

Birmingham had been the council to watch on chuggers: they were hoping to introduce a by-law that would enable them to ban chugging in the city centre. Unfortunately the government has refused them permission. Councils are generally powerless when it comes to dealing with chuggers. When I was attempting to get a solution the response […]

Chugging chuggers

Imagine I stopped you on the street, perhaps applying a bit of gentle pressure, persuaded you to give me your bank details, then used them to take over £500 from your account without really telling you what it was going towards; you would have good reason to think you have been mugged. Yet last night’s […]

Chugging fools

I suppose I should be honoured to be deemed noteworthy enough to appear in an April’s Fool ‘joke’, even if it is only Third Sector. In an article bylined by ‘May Dupp’ they reveal that a street fundraising ban unites main parties and I’m quoted as saying what good news a ban would be. Not […]

Support Battersea Summer Scheme at Waitrose

I’ve no idea how many people who read this blog shop at Waitrose on St John’s Hill in Clapham Junction, but if you do you will know about their Community Matters scheme. Essentially each month, the store nominates three local charities and they each receive a share of £1,000 in proportion to the green tokens […]

Weekly wrap-up, 11 December

Although I usually use this last post of the week to witter on about the past week I’m going start off with an event two weeks ago. Battersea Police Ball I can’t believe I forgot to mention this last week, but on Saturday 28 November I attended, along with about 1,500 other people, the Battersea […]

Chugging, comments and blogging

It’s occurred to me that I never returned to the comments I removed from the blog during the chugging episode, despite promising that I would either restore them or explain why I removed them. In fact, I made the decision fairly soon after I removed them that they would not be returning. This was after […]