Fitness First has always been the enemy

I have, at times, banged on about the Claphamisation of Battersea, with new arrivals and Yorkshire based supermarkets showing no consideration of the area’s history or geography. In my idler moments I’ve also wondered whether the excellent Love Battersea is perhaps just a little too mainstream and, just maybe, whether there should be a more […]

Things I like to see

View Larger Map Google Maps is now more accurate! Having been raised many times by many different people like the SW11tch campaign and various people from the Streetlife Identity Taskforce the mapping used by Google now puts Clapham over, well, Clapham. While this shouldn’t take any credit away from map providers like Bing or the […]

It was better when…

Last time there was a coalition between the Liberals and the Conservatives was 1922. It didn’t end well, at least it didn’t end well for Lloyd-George. But some things were better. Imagine you were at Victoria and needed to get to Clapham as quickly as possible. You’ve heard trains go from here to Clapham Junction, […]

Whither Battersea? Or anywhere?

I love things like this. It is the geek in me. The map above is from a project called Boundaries by Tom Taylor (and thanks to Robert Brook for bringing it to my attention). It essentially takes the data that flickr users input when they upload their photos. While there’s complicated background to it which […]

Hell Pizza licensing application

Not a very contentious application, I would say; Hell Pizza (I warn you, it’s a Flash based website and not pretty) have applied for a licence for their Lavender Hill store in Battersea (they seem to think it’s in Clapham, but never mind). The application is for the sale of alcohol between 5.00pm and 10pm […]