Crime mapping returns!

After all the fuss about my old crime maps and the crime briefing the council would send out to Neighbourhood Watch coordinators the government are the ones to ride in and save the day with their new crime mapping system. You can read about the sad history of my crime maps in a post I […]

Mayor’s Policing Newsletter

I’ve managed to get this three times so far (which makes it borderline spam, but I am on quite a few Mayoral and GLA lists) but it’s quite interesting reading. One of the odd things about confidence in policing and fear of crime is that the biggest driver is not changing policing methods or tackling […]

Weekly wrap-up, 13 November

As I go into the weekend I find myself almost computerless (mainly through my own fault) and using an old and slow computer means I’ll be keeping it brief! Town Centre meetings I had a meeting with representatives from the borough’s town centre partnerships early in the week which, I thought, was useful and generated […]