Reflecting on the council elections

Today I (technically) start my fourth term as a Wandsworth Councillor after a long and hard election. It’s been an interesting campaign. There’s no shortage of commentary about the national campaign, so I will add little to it, suffice to say I’m pleased to see Justine re-elected in Putney and Jane elected in Battersea. Obviously […]

8 down, 21 to go…

Over a week into the formal campaign. And still three weeks to go. Are people fed up yet? So far it’s been a pleasant experience. I can’t help comparing to my first stint on the Battersea doorstep in 1997 which was, frankly, a depressing experience. As a Conservative campaigning has got better and better with […]

Council nominations

As I mentioned at the end of last week the nominations for the council elections closed last week and the statement of people nominated was published today. The full list can be downloaded from the council. This is the sort of thing that only really interests anoraks like me, but to give you the highlights. […]

Value today, value tomorrow

Wandsworth Conservatives have published a short video as part of the current election campaign – I’ve included it here since I am, after all, one of their candidates!

Labour’s vision for Tooting: Bingo

I recognise that reports of meetings I attended are dull. Frankly, they are dull for me. Last night’s full council was a classic example of why. I have a lot of time for the Labour Party in Wandsworth, I think they have provided some good opposition to the council, but actually, that’s mainly come from […]

Vote Conservative for Better Hair

Not seriously, but it’s a short video I did to serve as an example for the competition House of Twits are running until the election. The idea was to stimulate some other entries – so far they are in short supply! Not really sure if this is any good or not, but since I made […]

Weekly wrap-up, 4 December

It isn’t unique to being a councillor (although it might be exacerbated by the lack of structure) but I struggle to think of the things I have been up to this week! So when I can look to my diary to remind me of what meetings and appointments I’ve had I find myself thinking “was […]

Ken Clarke and the Kings of the Jungle

Wandsworth Conservatives hosted Ken Clarke for their annual fundraising dinner last night. Those that follow me on Twitter will know I was a little, shall I say, cynical of the motives behind these dinners last night as I was separated from my cash in a variety of creative ways – all despite being put onto […]

Majorities, polls and the election

For those that like symbolism today is just 164 days until the (or a) likely date of the general election. While Brown could wait until 3 June next year – and there have been rumours that 25 March might be the date – for a long time the main betting seems to have been on […]

My imminent de-selection

I live life on the edge. I’m the type of guy you see in a L’Oreal advert, perhaps running along the Thames, then doing something manly, like chopping down a tree or at least doing something wearing a tool-belt. And I use Facebook (you can even be my friend), which includes applications like ‘How Sexy […]