Fireworks at Battersea Park

Another great year for Battersea Park’s fireworks: and my video of some of the best bits. (OK, the queuing wasn’t really one of the best bits.)

Battersea Park fireworks

Anyone who was there will know that Saturday’s Battersea Park fireworks were superb. Congratulations to the council and Pains Fireworks for organising them. If you missed them, or want to see them again, but you don’t have a full 20 minutes, then my video might help. 20 minutes of fireworks compressed into 2 minutes… well, […]

Weekly wrap-up, 6 November

It seems to have been an oddly quiet week. Regeneration and Community Safety OSC (well, cycling) I posted about the meeting the following day, so will not repeat the points. Except, rather smugly, to point out that I cycled to the meeting. I’m rather pleased that I’ve been managing to keep the cycling up – […]