Dear Government, to save you spying…

Yesterday I used the Internet as follows: Sent and received 81 emails, of which 58 related to council and ward work, 10 related to my non-council work and 13 were to friends and family Visited pages at BBC News, Department of Communities and Local Government, London School of Economics, Local Government Information Unit, Angry People […]

CCTV. Revisited.

Once again the issue of CCTV has raised it’s head. This time it is as a result of a ‘Big Brother Watch’ press release that, I believe, totally misses the real point. I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of sympathy for BBW (and don’t put that into Google at work). They are an offshoot […]

The pointless exercise of stop and search

I’ve touched on police powers to stop and search a couple of times in the past. Once when I was subject to a stop – but not a search – around a year ago (although I posted about it some months later, prompted by section 76 of the Counter Terrorism Act coming into force) and […]

Swine ‘flu is coming…

…well, actually, it’s already here.  It’s just that with all the fuss about MPs’ expenses and Susan Boyle everyone stopped paying it attention.  But apparently it’s officially a pandemic now. One reason why everyone started talking about Susan Boyle is that it transpired that swine ‘flu was actually quite mild.  So mild, in fact, that […]

Can anyone claim section 44 works?

With the blanket coverage of MPs’ expenses late last week I almost missed a BBC News story about stops under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 The article contacts a few facts and figures about how effective section 44 has really been. In London during 2008 there were more than 170,000 searches conducted Of […]

Why I’m a terrorist…

I have tended to shy away from national politics and issues in this blog, keeping it more focused on local and council issues. However, one subject that increasingly concerns me is the erosion of civil liberties in this country. Yesterday saw another little chunk of our freedoms eroded with section 76 of the Counter Terrorism […]