Tonight’s Mastermind

I’ve just been reminded that tonight is the final of Mastermind and one of the finalists is Jesse Honey who kicked off with Wandsworth as a specialist subject – the perfect excuse to feature the video again. Good luck to him tonight (even though it’s a bit late to wish him luck for something that […]

Weekly wrap-up, 15 January

It’s been another week I’ve ended out of Wandsworth. This week the child in me has been excited by a trip on a sleeper train in which my knowledge of sleepers, derived entirely from Agatha Christie and Hart to Hart (a show surely due a remake) was confounded as no-one was murdered). If that wasn’t […]

Wandsworth on Mastermind

If you are a Mastermind watcher you’ll have noticed that one of the specialist subjects last Friday was the London Borough of Wandsworth. The contestant, Jesse Honey, managed to score an astounding 14 (he went on to win the show). I managed a fairly dismal 7. His two minutes on Wandsworth are below. How many […]