Zero council tax increase, again

Wandsworth is planning on keeping council tax at the same rate for the third year running. In one of those bizarre twists of local government finance Wandsworth’s average council tax is dropping because the Putney and Wimbledon Commons Conservators (who levy a precept to maintain the commons) are reducing their precept. The video features Deputy […]

Maurice Heaster OBE

Congratuations to Cllr Maurice Heaster, who received an OBE for services to local government the New Year’s honours. Maurice has been a councillor for 40 years, and deputy leader for a good chunk of that time (which means if I keep plodding on I’m not like to get anything until some time after 2038). But […]

Weekly wrap-up, 23 October

So, for this week’s collection of odds and ends. This week’s photo doesn’t really have any artistic merit – composition and exposure could be better – but it is from Battersea Park where autumn is making itself known. The park really is beautiful at this time of year, and almost magical if you see the […]

More on the council tax…

I’ve blogged and Tweeted at length about the council tax setting, and I’m aware that there’s only so many ways that you can announce we’re keeping tax at last year’s levels…published a YouTube video of Maurice Heaster, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources talking about the announcement. I’m really pleased, not just because […]