New Covent Garden Market

Although nothing like as closely involved in the developments in Nine Elms as I was (and even then it was such a big project I was only tangentially involved) the development continues apace: the Tideway site was recently given planning permission and the Secretary of State recently approved the plans for Battersea Power Station. One […]

New Covent Garden Exhibition

The dates for the next public exhibition at New Covent Garden Market have been announced. The exhibition will run over three days starting on Thursday 25 February and finishing on 27 February – including some very early morning sessions (you can go at 5am on the Friday). The market is a fascinating place, and a […]

New Covent Garden Market

I posted about Jan Lloyd’s presentation on New Covent Garden Market to the Regeneration and Community Safety OSC the other day and have been picked up on my comment that their public exhibitions are over. It was sloppy writing by me. The first round of public consultations are over, but a second round are starting […]

Promoting Nine Elms

One event I’m going to miss is the the launch of our promotion of Nine Elms tonight. Nine Elms is central London’s largest regeneration area – anchored by the Power Station to the west and New Covent Garden Market in the east there are about 450 acres on the Thames riverside, at one point just […]