The difference a day makes

The roads have been a big issue recently. There’s no getting away from it, the two cold snaps earlier this year (along with last year’s cold weather) have taken their toll. The council’s teams have been out systematically repairing the borough’s roads and evidence of their work is visible across the ward; take a look […]

Potholes, repairs and resurfacing

The state of the roads has been a big concern for everyone, and not just in Wandsworth – following the two cold snaps earlier this year roads across the country developed faults. One of the chief problems is that we have to wait until the cold weather has gone before repairs can start; there’s no […]

Fixing Wandsworth’s streets

The council is currently undertaking a thorough inspection of the borough’s roads. You may have noticed the condition of some roads has significantly deteriorated. This is largely down to the severe weather we suffered all the way back in February. You might think this was a long time ago, but in some cases the effects […]