Is it bin night?

Although Wandsworth’s new refuse collection contract isn’t that new any more, some people are still getting caught out. This handy flowchart will help you work out if it’s bin night or not (click the picture for a marginally larger version)

Changes to Wandsworth rubbish collection

If you haven’t noticed (and I fear many haven’t) the council’s refuse collections are changing from next week. The changes are a result of the council’s new collection contract. Many of the changes will not directly affect residents. Those that will include changing the collection method, so general waste and recycling can be taken together […]

Christmas Tree recycling

Happy New Year. And a reminder, now that twelfth night is approaching, that the council is once again recycling Christmas trees. On normal collection days from tomorrow (5 January) until 18 January trees will be collected free of charge, then shredded to become compost. It’s impossible not to notice trees starting to litter the streets, […]

Fly tipping: the council’s fault?

Several weeks ago I posed the question does the council actually hinder people doing the right thing? The example offered publicly in the comments (and by email from someone else) was on our policy of charging to collect bulky items. I’ve never been directly involved in our refuse policy. But I’m not afraid of idly […]

Time banded waste comes to Clapham Junction

The system, which has already been introduced to Tooting and Balham town centres is fairly straight-forward – basically businesses will need to fulfil their legal duty to have a trade waste agreement (it’s amazing how many businesses don’t, leaving the council to collect their illegally dumped rubbish) and will only be allowed to dump their […]

Battling the snow

I’ll confess I’m finding the bad weather a little tedious. There are a few reasons for this. First, the fact that it gets cold every year in this country really shouldn’t be a lead news item for days on end – but somehow it is. Second, it makes me talk about it so I become […]

Making refuse sexy…

…well, not at all really but last night’s Environment and Leisure Committee considered a report on a trial of pyrolysis in two of our council blocks. I’m slightly surprised this hasn’t seen more coverage (as far as I’m aware it’s never been reported outside of the council’s formal meetings) since it’s a fairly innovative way […]

What happens to Christmas trees after Christmas?

Well, hopefully they are recycled. The council has been offering a recycling scheme for Christmas trees for several years and this year is no different – from tomorrow (7 January) you can leave your (real) Christmas tree out with your refuse on your usual collection day. ┬áIt will be collected, shredded and used for composting.