Cllr Kim Caddy and the Southfields by-election

I don’t really do politics. Not on here, and not that much anywhere else. I’ve commented enough on my political evolution to delve into it once more. However, this has been a remarkable week in politics and I’ve been unable to reflect on it. The major political event locally has been the victory of Kim […]

Council nominations

As I mentioned at the end of last week the nominations for the council elections closed last week and the statement of people nominated was published today. The full list can be downloaded from the council. This is the sort of thing that only really interests anoraks like me, but to give you the highlights. […]

Only [insert party] can win here

I’m a lover of Lib Dem campaign leaflets. For years they have had a few consistent themes. One is the clipboard, the idea is that if you have a clipboard you are obviously (a) important, (b) working and, by extension (c) doing important work. So what better way to show how busy you are than […]

Weekly wrap-up, 6 November

It seems to have been an oddly quiet week. Regeneration and Community Safety OSC (well, cycling) I posted about the meeting the following day, so will not repeat the points. Except, rather smugly, to point out that I cycled to the meeting. I’m rather pleased that I’ve been managing to keep the cycling up – […]

Battersea’s neighbourhoods – a renaissance?

At last week’s Northcote Road Carnival I was having a chat with Essential Local magazine about the event. One of the things they asked for was a quote about the day. And it was virtually impossible to give, because pretty much anything you could say was put on the bottom of a list of other […]

More recession workshops

The council are running two more ‘recession workshops’ for local businesses. The first is tonight (Wednesday 29 April) for businesses based in Wandsworth, Earlsfield and Southfields.  It is being held at Blend, 111-113 Wandsworth High Street at 7pm.  Attendees will be lucky enough to hear me speak on the council’s reponse. The second is tomorrow […]