The G1 bus route: cozy bus, unpopular route

I have a soft spot for the G1. It has always struck me as a cozy route and is probably the most friendly bus on which I have ever travelled in London. However, not everyone is a big fan of the route, so Transport for London are consulting on re-routing it for part of its […]

Shaftesbury Park 20mph zone

Transport for London have finally started working on the entry treatments to the Shaftesbury Park Estate that will make it a 20mph zone. Local residents will know that equipment and stock from the works they did to the entries to Amies Street have sat on Sabine Road for some time. And Wandsworth Council have been […]

Shaftesbury Park Estate 20mph zone

I’ve posted about this a few times before, but investigated a little further when asked by a resident recently if it was still happening. They had not seen any of the works they expected taking place. I was also a little confused when Transport for London (TfL) started working on the other side of Latchmere […]

Stormont Road and indecisive public consultation

The results of the council’s consultation on traffic control in the Stormont Road area (which in reality is most of the roads between Clapham Common and Lavender Hill) were considered by the council’s transport committee last night. They were, frankly, more an exercise in showing how consultation often doesn’t help anyone come to a conclusion! […]

…being nice to TfL

I wasn’t entirely positive about Transport for London the other day – although it was a little tongue-in-cheek – when I realised it would cost them more to process my ‘late’ bus fare than the bus fare I was paying.  I was then a little cheeky on Twitter suggesting their positive feedback form was ‘dropdownboxtastic’ […]

Public sector inefficiency: double paying bus fares

I’m not being entirely fair here, but I want to have a rant (perhaps to vent some tension built up from the various exchanges I’m having with the PFRA). I’ve been landed with an Unpaid Fair Notice by Transport for London. I got on the 87 at Lavender Hill and my card was dead. Not […]

Eccles Road waterworks

I went along to the Thames Water “drop-in” for Eccles Road residents affected by the extensive sewer works last night.  It was certainly a useful session to find out more about the project, if not useful in getting any commitment to compensation for residents affected by the disturbance. However, it was good to see Thames […]

Clapham Junction and the East London Line

  As I posted via Posterous earlier, Boris Johnson came to Clapham Junction to formally announce the East London Line would be extended to SW11.  It’s absolutely fantastic news for the area, and marks the end of eight year’s campaigning by the council to get the line here. The new route will take commuters from […]

Boris announces East London Line extension to Clapham Junction

The council has long campaigned for Clapham Junction to be linked into the Underground network. Boris has just announced the East London Line extension will be coming to Clapham Junction. Posted via email from jamescousins’s posterous