Misery loves company (and commuting)

I’m not sure if it’s fatherhood or personality or opportunity but I generally think that life is pretty good. I may not have everything, but what I do have fills me with happiness. Whether it was the huge amusement MiniMe found in the game we were playing with his cars yesterday, or being able to […]

The new ten point plan for Clapham Junction

Almost five years ago the council launched its ten point plan for Clapham Junction. It was one of those things that was more aspiration than anything. The council had little control over the implementation of most of the ten points, but it did form a great basis for lobbying by creating a coherent vision of […]

Clapham Junction and the East London Line

  As I posted via Posterous earlier, Boris Johnson came to Clapham Junction to formally announce the East London Line would be extended to SW11.  It’s absolutely fantastic news for the area, and marks the end of eight year’s campaigning by the council to get the line here. The new route will take commuters from […]

Boris announces East London Line extension to Clapham Junction

The council has long campaigned for Clapham Junction to be linked into the Underground network. Boris has just announced the East London Line extension will be coming to Clapham Junction. Posted via email from jamescousins’s posterous