Who is @jamescousins?

Hello, and welcome to my little bit of the interweb. I’m assuming that you have come here by following the link on my Twitter profile – so I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a little something just for you.

Who I am
I’m James Cousins, as you might have guessed from the username. You can find out about me on my about page.

How I use Twitter
I started using Twitter as a form of online engagement as a councillor. Frankly, it wasn’t a productive use of my time as a councillor or executive member and my tweeting tedious in the extreme (I refuse to believe anyone is that interested in the number of meetings I’m attending).

Having said that I discovered I did rather enjoy Twitter, so am still on there, but mainly in a personal capacity and mainly for the humour. I also tend to dip in and out depending on how busy I am; Twitter is the first thing to suffer if I am particularly busy – if you look at my Tweet Nest you’ll probably be able to tell when I was busy!

However, it’s a rare day I never visit Twitter, even if I don’t tweet, and I do check for @ messages and DMs often, so feel free to contact me via Twitter with anything Wandsworth related (although it’s only one of the ways you can get in touch) or anything else.

Why I am online
It all started as a bit of an experiment Wandsworth has one of the highest penetrations of broadband in the country, and my thinking was the internet may be a good way to communicate and develop a dialogue about what I and the council are doing. And it’s just sort of evolved. It is definitely a personal blog – it’s run with my money and time – and doesn’t reflect either Wandsworth council or Conservative Party policy, even though I am a member of both.

If you want to explore further (and I would be flattered if you do) then you can, of course, just pop to the home page and see where it leads you. Alternatively, some of the following suggestions might tickle your fancy…

Shaftesbury ward residents might to see all the posts tagged Shaftesbury, since these will relate specifically to the local area.

If you live in Wandsworth then you might like to read more about posts that cover the parts of my current and earlier council roles like regeneration, business, health, community safety or partnership.

I have an interest in open data and for a long time produced crime maps for Wandsworth. Unfortunately people much more important than me have decided that producing such information is not the done thing, so they have ended. However there is now UK wide crime-mapping site available from police.uk which fills some of the gap.

For a while I did post a lot about Big Society and the Wandsworth Challenge although those posts have largely gone the way of the crime mapping, although I don’t think my views have changed much from the posts that remain.

Finally, you might like to take a look at the more general commentary posts I make about politics.

Whatever you do, please let me know what you think, my Contact page lists a series of ways you can communicate with me.


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