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Tweets for week ending 2009-01-04

  • Working, but finding it hard to find the ‘it’s the Christmas and New Year holidays’ off-switch. #
  • As a rule I am not a fan of regulation – but there must be something that can stop so many channels showing Carry On films simultaneously. #
  • @dominiccampbell Isn’t the problem not trolling, but the online world just being another forum for local politics? I know I’m guilty. in reply to dominiccampbell #
  • @dominiccampbell I won’t take it personally! The problem lies in the troll:population ratio active online, and the trolls stop it improving. in reply to dominiccampbell #
  • Karate Kid III really was a sequel too far. Weak story, Ralph Macchio looking old and chunky, bad editing – thank God for Pat Morita. #
  • Wandsworth council is now officially twittering @wandbc #
  • Should I follow @andyburnhammp? If only the Internet had some sort of ratings system rather than forcing me to take personal responsibility. #
  • Just passed an empty, and sorry-looking, Woolies. It’s going to leave some big holes in a lot of high streets. #
  • @ingridk @davebriggs Thanks for follows and tweets. I am working on my colleagues, but the benefits of Twitter are hard to explain! in reply to ingridk #
  • I’m flattered by the mini-flurry of follows, but, God, now the pressure to write something interesting is just too much. #
  • An egotistical RT: Market focus for Northcote plan (via @wandbc) in reply to wandbc #
  • @liz_azyan Reading your article on twittering councils @wandbc is the official Wandsworth Twitter, don’t know who @wwcouncil is! in reply to liz_azyan #
  • @liz_azyan On a related note, have you tried linking in cllrs that Twitter with the councils? I’ll comment on your blog about it tomorrow. in reply to liz_azyan #
  • I’m struggling to get back into work, which is annoying since I was working over most of Christmas. #
  • Billing for work is strangely tedious – shouldn’t the prospect of payment excite me? #
  • I should stop auto-tweeting blog posts, a bad habit, especially as I don’t think any of my residents are among my followers. #
  • Isn’t it strange that Thomas Cook aren’t advertising their holidays, but that ‘your money is safe’ with them? Recession advertising starts. #
  • A depressingly large thud from my council mail delivery. Christmas is definitely over… #
  • Coronation Street is the best comedy on TV: “if I made an aftershave it would be called ‘Dignity by Dev Alahan'” #
  • I just can’t take anymore PowerPoint! #
  • I’m using Lakeside World Darts to distract from the pain of Windows applications. #
  • My latest attempt at mapping Battersea’s crime is at Putney & Tooting will follow in coming days. #
  • Donna Margherita on Lavender Hill in Battersea… Always fantastic pizza. #
  • @liz_azyan Will send an email containing a list of Twittering cllrs that might help with 2. Not many, but may help. in reply to liz_azyan #
  • 100,000 new jobs in “new technologies and green projects”. That’s going to be a lot of public sector web 2.0! #
  • Putney, Roehampton and Southfields crime maps now online – #

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