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Tweets for week ending 2009-01-11

  • Q for local gov types, in 140 chars or less: what is the most important thing a cllr should know/do about community leadership & engagement? #
  • RT: In 140 chars or less: what is the most important thing a cllr should know/do about community leadership & engagement? in reply to jamescousins #
  • Tooting, Earlsfield and Furzedown crime briefing/mapping online: #
  • I’m now second on Google for ‘Dignity by Dev Alahan’! I’m tweeting ‘handsome and intelligent councillor’ in hope of a similar effect. #
  • I need to celebrate, ‘Dignity by Dev Alahan’ has got me to number one in the Google charts! #
  • It’s sad, if not that surprising, to discover the Wandsworth Borough News is no more: #
  • I’m mourning Wedgwood’s passing #
  • I’ve shaved the beard I grew over Christmas. Consequences? I feel less of a man, think I look about 12 and am covered in shaving cuts. #
  • Even derelict I think Battersea Power Station is a fantastic building. #
  • Heading out of London to do some IDeA peer work on engagement. Any words of wisdom anyone would like to offer? #
  • Sights you don’t want to see when it’s -10 and 20 minutes to the next train… all the station buildings closed! #
  • Preparing for Regeneration and Community Safety scrutiny tonight. Very timely with the closure of Balham’s M&S. #
  • My tribute to the dearly departed Wandsworth Borough News: #
  • Fascinating meeting at Town Hall, Lots of interesting discussion about the recession, its impact and what we’re doing to fight it… #
  • …just can’t help feeling angry at Labour though, they seem to put politics ahead of regenerating Roehampton. Real poverty of ambition. #
  • Congratulations to @JamesCleverly on his appointment as Mayor’s young people ambassador. #
  • It seems today, nobody can hear you tweet. #
  • Or at least, if they do hear, it’s about an hour and a half later. #
  • Is Twitter behaving itself today? #
  • Heading out to spend vouchers from Christmas before the stores go bust. #
  • Some of what we’re doing to fight the recession in Wandsworth #
  • Wow, at what point in my life did I decide delivering leaflets in brass monkeys weather was my calling? #
  • Best part of four hours engagement with brass monkeys. Now for some engagement with a couple of pints. #
  • Warm house. Comfy Sofa. Lakeside world darts on telly. What else could I possibly need? #
  • Even Eurovision has spawned an X Factor style voting show. Is nothing sacred? Eurovision should be about talent and music, not reality TV. #
  • I’m amazed Karl Rove is not only on Twitter, but actually using it and engaging @KarlRoveChannel – Alistair Campbell next? #

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