The council has successfully prosecuted a shopkeeper for selling a knife to a 15 year old. Legally, knives can only be sold to over 18s.  You can read the full story in the council’s press release.

While it’s worth highlighting the successful prosecution, it is also worth highlighting the fact that most shopkeepers in the borough do a great job and trade responsibly.  The council does a lot of test purchasing, both of knives and alcohol and only rarely does the youth get served.  Of course, part of that is because the council does a good job in educating shopkeepers, making sure they are aware of the law and know that the council does check on them.  However, a much bigger part is that shopkeepers are part of the community and, generally, act responsibly.

It’s very disappointing that in this case a knife was sold, especially as the young people who do the buying are chosen partly because they are obviously under 18.  But it’s also a lesson to other shopkeepers to abide by the law, or risk a court appearance.

If you, or anyone you know, suspect a shop is selling age-restricted goods like knives, alcohol or tobacco to children you can let trading standards know by calling (020) 8871 7720 or emailing

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