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Tweets for week ending 2009-02-15

  • I took a day off yesterday. Result? I’m crazily busy today. So much to do, where do I start? #
  • Found a trap street in Google maps so had to use a paper A-Z, 1st time in several years, and pleasingly retro to boot. #
  • That’s it, @IainDale’s gone a tenuous Draper reference too far, so I’m unsubscribing from his blog too. Someone tell me if he ever stops. #
  • Busy busy busy day. Now to the Town Hall for the Community Safety Scrutiny Ctte. Another step in setting the crime priorities for the year. #
  • Kicking off presentations of the strategic assessment of crime & disorder – there’ll be a public version on 19 Feb, I’ll Tweet details later #
  • I’m probably more pleased than I should be to discover one of Battersea’s better pubs – @dukebattersea – following me. #
  • I occasionally make the offer – anything (Wandsworth related) I can do for anyone? #
  • RT @RajeevTrikha: Twitter to begin charging brands for commercial use – interesting discussion in the comments. #
  • Obviously I’m getting tired of life, spending the whole day in Central London today and I’m not entirely happy about it. #
  • Abusing the Apple Store’s wifi to catch up on email. My criticism of other’s doing it last week is irrelevant, and in no way hypocritical. #
  • Fascinating meeting at the Metropolitan Police Authority about crime mapping, and now a dash to a school governors’ meeting. #
  • Incredibly tired, and that goal seems to have sapped a lot of what energy I had left… #
  • On a cold cold platform at Clapham Junction waiting for Boris. #
  • Boris announces East London Line extension to Clapham Junction #
  • Couldn’t resist posting another Mayor pic #
  • My iPhoto now recognises Boris Johnson. It’s about the closest I’ve ever come to celebrity (altho’ I did once answer a call from him at 5am) #
  • #uksnow SW11 3/10 #
  • Trying to read council reports, but, frankly, the lure of pointless Tweeting can be too great. #
  • Here you go, me still wittering on about snow – I won’t say Wandsworth was perfect, but it was better than most #
  • Was going to Tweet something cryptic, but does cryptic work on Twitter? #
  • Wandsworth’s crime has fallen again: #
  • You can find out how we’re planning to fight crime over the next year at our ‘Face the Public’ meeting next week. #
  • Spending Valentine’s morning romanticly, um, canvassing. I often wonder what my wife sees in me. #
  • Canvassing on Valentine’s Day is very productive, people bound to the door expecting flowers; I’m sure they weren’t disappointed at all. #
  • Does anyone really care what I wore canvassing? At least it’s a chance to show off the best t-shirt ever! #
  • So my wife’s secret admirer sent her flowers. But they were addressed to me. And the chocolates were missing. And there were only 11 roses. #

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