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Tweets for week ending 2009-03-02

  • Looking after my son on my own for the first time today. Wish me, and more importantly him, luck. #
  • Just published my latest attempt at crime mapping: #
  • Most shop-keepers won’t sell knives to children, but when they do we will take action. #
  • Canvassing again. Third day in a row, mad mad mad. #
  • Mindlessly watching Gladiators on Sky+, does Ian Wright have any presenting style other than shouting? #
  • On my way to the Apple Store to get Panda, my beloved MacBook, fixed. I’ll pass in any get well messages you care to send. #
  • Celebrity spot. Neil Kinnock in Cavendish Square. #
  • Is there a pub in the land that can legitimately have Kate Bush on their playlist? I think not, so why am I having to listen to Heathcliff? #
  • Heading to Tooting for the first Good Neighbour awards. Nothing like travelling against the rush hour flow. #
  • Tooting’s first ‘Good Neighbours’ #
  • Just seen the news about David Cameron’s son. Tragic and shocking; events like this always bring so much into persepective.. #
  • Why am I going to a meeting on my birthday? Apart from the fact I organized it, I mean. #
  • Thx for bday wishes. To show how value conscious Wandsworth I got a (rice) cake at no cost to the tax payer. #
  • RT @onmodernliberty David Davis reiterates ‘The price of liberty is eternal vigilance’ (via @Timforchange) in reply to Timforchange #
  • So, if we all decide Gordon Brown hasn’t done a good job we can take legal action to remove his pension? #
  • Been thinking about whether I should have a – but settled for a standard list instead #
  • It’s a long time since I’ve had to travel into London at rush hour. Someone tell the IDeA I’ll be late. Was rush hour always this bad? #
  • Time from group agreeing no Blackberry rule to someone emailing on Blackberry, about 45 seconds! (I’m Tweeting in a break, before you ask) #
  • Where is @Paul0Evans1 when you need him? I need a good TPA/Daily Mail inspired rant, and he’s just the guy to help! #
  • Issue for council types. What do you do if developers or protesters of a planning app follow you? Is this a pre-determination issue? #
  • 90 minutes of canvassing and still going, on the whole think I’d rather be at #modernliberty #
  • Why isn’t Marmite on Twitter? I need to declare my undying love. #
  • Wearing a suit on a Saturday just feels wrong, and since I’m obviously not at a wedding I bet other people think I’m an estate agent. #
  • Is it me or is this house a bit surprised to see me? #
  • The local press does annoy me sometimes: headline = council should do more, actual story = council is doing more than any other councils. #
  • Why am I working at 8pm on a Sunday? A rhetorical question, since I know it’s party because I was so lazy on Thurs and Fri, but even so.. #

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