• Wow. What an absolutely fantastic day. I feel I need to take advantage of this, but how? #
  • I’m trying to show @pipsmitherman the joys/evils of Twitter. ‘Twould be nice if you could Tweet her a hello and words of encouragement. #
  • Yesterday I moaned about working on Sundays. Today, I’m putting together a video of my baby son to the Rocky theme. Could there be a link? #
  • Tooting shops vow to be good neighbours http://tinyurl.com/c3y8xa (via @wandbc) Shop owners are playing a key role in improving their area. in reply to wandbc #
  • I’m a councillor. I have a blog. It was only a matter of time before dog fouling was an issue http://bit.ly/11MBBC #
  • I’d been promising myself a new iMac when they were refeshed. So tempting. But part of me feels I should wait. #
  • Finding Nemo is 1 of only 3 films to accurately depict memory loss? http://bit.ly/Kv4B All the ones I can think of use the bump to a head. #
  • D’oh. Turned up for a meeting an hour early – still that’s an hour gained which I mustn’t waste on Twitter. #
  • Just finished the police ward meeting. One of the key topics; dog fouling! Councillors just can’t escape it. #
  • National Rail website says off-peak. Ticket-seller says off-peak. Guy at gate says peak starts at 1515, please give me lots of money. #
  • Heading up to Bolton, never been there in my life, but there’s something about going north that always feels a bit like going home. #
  • Pesky Tweetie, telling me it hadn’t posted when it clearly had – and on the same day it crashed and deleted my accounts. #
  • You see how bad #uktrain is on a regional train; nasty seats & a kicked in toilet door betray a lack of love from both passengers & operator #
  • Every hotelier in the world seems to think I
    a) want two single beds
    b) like paying £15 for an days internet &
    c) compulsively steal hangers #
  • More hotel ranting: 4 adult channels. So, single bed, anti-theft hangers, expensive ‘net & porn. What do hoteliers think of their guests? #
  • I’m still ranting about hotels, and now broadening the argument to include the human condition. Post may be incoherent: http://bit.ly/iGdNE #
  • Having great fun in the north, interesting and challenging work, but no time for Twitted. I’m sure you’ve all missed me though, haven’t you? #
  • Boasting isn’t a positive trait, but http://bit.ly/Zb8i9 #
  • Bolton Council’s intranet is called ‘t’intranet’. Credit to their web team. #
  • Right, I’m back Twittering; but lacking in things to say. #
  • Balham seems Wandsworth’s most connected area, so this is worth a RT: Free business advice for Balham http://tinyurl.com/dbxr69 via @wandbc in reply to wandbc #
  • Should I be annoyed or flattered that some chose the empty seat next to me on a busy-ish train? I’m thinking flattered. #
  • For years I thought GPRS was quite good. After a couple of hours on it I’m wondering if people once felt the same about outside toilets. #
  • I’ve always thought the approach to London into Euston is one of the capital’s ugliest. Thank god it’s dark. #
  • The guy opposite me on the Tube was reading Carpworld. I don’t know why but I feel better knowing that magazine exists. #
  • Aaaaaaaand… Back in the Brighter Borough. I missed you Wandsworth. #
  • Is there a recommended daily allowance for pizza? #
  • Grimsby 5 – Lincoln 1. ‘Ave it! That will help the goal difference and reinforce that Grimsby is miles better than Lincoln! #
  • Facebook suicidal? Yes, I don’t really get any benefit from facebook anymore and don’t like leaving all the personal info on there. #
  • In kitchen stirring rice pud while my wife tries to soothe a (potentially) teething baby. Not that long ago I’d have been in pub by now. #

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