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Tweets for week ending 2009-03-30

  • Tooting Woolworths #
  • Tooting Woolies to be Poundland #
  • One of the ways we’re lessening the impact of recession. Wandsworth Council tackling vacant shops: (via @wandbc) #
  • The IDeA get their money’s worth! Some fascinating work, but exhausting and I’m missing Twitter. #
  • Can’t resist the twitpic and RT: see meerkats at Battersea Park Zoo (via @localguardian) [?] #
  • Meerkat-tastic [?] #
  • Erm. Is anyone else having problems with Twitpic? Or is it just me and Tweetie? #
  • Thanks for the Twitpic answers – it seems I am fated not to share my meerkat experience. #
  • Struggling to find biscuits in a gigantic Savacentre I’ve was offered help by a shopper, totally unprompted. The north is always friendly #
  • Heading for a night out in Birmingham. Broad Street any good? #
  • So glad that Brown is reforming the royal family because this is clearly the most important and pressing issue facing the country. #
  • Some bits of civic history need to be publicised. Remember when we rooted for our council on national TV? #
  • Having had a hectic week I find myself with slack time and an urge to Tweet. Compulsive behaviour, I know. #
  • While not always breathtaking or awe-inspiring, I find there’s always something romantic about being on a train in the English countryside. #
  • And back in Wandsworth… My ward no less… Always good to be home, especially after the hotel I’ve just endured. #
  • So how, exactly, do Waterstones justify charging around 20% more for an ebook than they do for the same title in paperback? #
  • We all make mistakes, but some are funnier than others: Jacqui Smith repays porn fees (via @nickdonnelly) #
  • Reading through all the boat race tweets, has no-one thought of hashtagging them? #boatrace perhaps? #
  • Why did they have to go and make Wolfenstein for the iPhone? Aren’t they satisfied with the amount of time I wasted on the PC version? #

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