Although I’ve had the various icons towards the top right of every page since this blog was started I’ve never really explained them or pointed people towards them, so decided it might be worth advertising the ways you can follow this blog without having to point your browser to this website.

RSS (generally) stands for Really Simple Syndication, which essentially means that articles from this website are published in a format that can be read in a ‘reader’.  The reader can either be a website, like Google’s Google Reader or in a program on your computer.  As a Mac user I use NetNewsWire, but there are plenty of free and paid-for programs for Mac, Windows and Linux.  All the feeds are handled by FeedBurner so clicking on the link will give you a number of options.

Alternatively by popping your email address in the box you can get the day’s postings delivered to you.  The delivery takes place every evening – you’ll get one message a day and I promise I won’t spam you.  Again this service is provided by FeedBurner.

The BBC News site offers a very good description of RSS feeds that I will point you to rather than trying to replicate.

The final option at the top right is Twitter.  You are more than welcome to follow me @jamescousins, and there’s a page describing my approach to Twitter on this website.  However, I should warn you that Twitter and I are having a trial separation at the moment, so following my account won’t be the most fascinating of experiences!

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