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Tweets for week ending 2009-04-06

  • What I love about the Smith porn story is Brown stating it’s a ‘private matter’. How else would Mr Jacqui Smith watch porn #
  • The impact of a week away on my inbox has been huge… my apologies to all those who are waiting for something – I’m ploughing through it. #
  • I just wanted to say thank-you to all who follow me, I am genuinely flattered – & to remind you that I’m here for all your Wandsworth needs! #
  • I’m not sure whether hunch is trying to steal my free-will, or promoting some useful about key-decisions. #
  • Hmmm, hunch has suggested I might like a dirty martini or a gin and tonic… maybe there’s something to this site after all. #
  • Somehow it’s wrong that AF1 is parked up Ryanair and EasyJet planes: Air Force 1 has just landed at Stansted Airport. (via @usembassylondon) #
  • Catching up on a week’s worth of Sky+ I realise the terrible truth, I’m wasting my life watching A LOT of crap! #
  • In a word: bemusement. #
  • It’s days like this I miss working in the City – there was always a certain frisson in the air on protest days… #
  • Is it bad that I just throw away my copy of Total Politics? Apparently it’s worth £4 before you even consider the environmental cost. #
  • I’ve started following @belocal, which looks a promising (if heavy on Chelsea news!) service – recommend giving it a try. #
  • Pleased that my @localguardian banned sex ads in 2008. So presumably when I call the number for ‘XXX Granny Chat’ it will be about knitting? #
  • Heading to the Town Hall for various meetings, including the full council… I might Tweet, but had sworn off it: #
  • Videoing myself, because I’m arrogant enough to think people might watch. #
  • Everyone (particularly Tooting residents) should say hi and follow Cllr @ToniaDunn – another Wandsworth type on here now! #
  • Should be putting together a vid for the cllrs connected conference… but the pub, why am I so tempted by the pub? #
  • Tooting-ites: Happy or sad that TK Maxx are coming to Tooting? At least it’s not a £shop #
  • Rapidly realising Friday afternoon is not the best time to try and crack on with stuff for which you’ve no enthusiasm! #

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