Looking back on it now I think I would say family would be the biggest ‘obstacle’ I would face if I were to rediscover national political ambitions. I didn’t have a family in 2001, but now have a wife and young son. I cannot imagine voluntarily taking a job that would take me away from home for days at a time almost guaranteeing that I would miss a whole host of important ‘firsts’ in his life. It’s a big ask.

Mario Cavalli on Twitter raises the opposite question – http://twitter.com/mariocavalli/status/1574691002 – why do some people persevere despite all the obstacles and disadvantages. An interesting question and I think our current PM is a textbook case of someone who was motivated by political ambition to the exclusion of virtually everything else. Having had a few months experience of being a father I cannot imagine why anyone would miss it, but I just don’t think having a ‘normal’ life ever really occurred to Gordon Brown.