I’ve just heard that the Clapham Junction planning application has been withdrawn by the developer.

The application had provoked an organised opposition and last week was recommended for refusal by the council’s planning officers although there were a few stirrings of support in recent weeks.  Obviously the Planning Applications Committee are not bound by the planning officers decision and were to meet on Wednesday when, I suspect, that Clapham Junction application would have been the dominant item on the meeting’s agenda.  Obviously with the developer’s withdrawal the application will not be considered by the committee.

At the moment, I do not know and will not speculate on why the developers have withdrawn, nor do I know their future intentions.

3 thoughts on “Clapham Junction planning application withdrawn

  1. Interesting, it certainly sparked heated debates on the internet. Clapham Junction needs something doing in certain areas, hopefully they have withdrawn this application to amend it based on the community views.

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