James, we are in danger of agreeing again! Sir Stephen of Tweet gets this one wrong I think. Whilst I’m prepared to agree with him that the low level expenses fiddle in neither here nor there, what we are talking about here is far from that. It’s planned & systematic abuse of a flawed system. And as you rightly point out, if MP’s judgements on what they should or shouldn’t be claiming is wrong, then what else are they wrong about? And this argument coming from many, including the hateful Hazel Blears, that everything they did was within the rules of the system but, hang on, we’ve suddenly just realised the system is wrong and needs changing, well just leaves me fuming. I just hope the political will is there to draw a line under the past, get a decent system into place and move on, as my old buddy Sadiq Khan says on his blog!!

Good stuff though James….