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Tweets for week ending 2009-05-03

  • The #brownmustgo petition is zooming up the No. 10 charts! The 10th most signed petition after only 5 day. Add your name #
  • Interesting to see the #Brownmustgo alt. petition isn’t quite working as planned. (original now at 20,000+ signatures). #
  • If you sign one petition today: (More seriously, consider signing the #maternalhealth petition #
  • I’ve just opted-out my websites from the evil Phorm. Thanks to @ThePickards for his post on opting-out, worth a read: #
  • Why are so many people mocking Wandsworth for publishing swine flu advice? Isn’t it sensible to publish practical rational advice? #
  • I didn’t include the Wandsworth swine flu link Is it that bad for a council to be promoting sensible health messages? #
  • The #brownmustgo petition is just 14 signatures from being the most signed open petition. Why not push it over the edge! #
  • And ironically the #brownmuststay petition has been pruned back to just 14 signatures #
  • Is it me, or have the numbers on stopped updating? The numbers don’t change even as you refresh and see new names added. #
  • Yey! The numbers updated #brownmustgo is at number 1! #
  • I’m disturbed that Flight Control thinks my name might be offensive to other users. I can understand why I might offend, but my name? #
  • Class local journalism: woman might have swine flu probably doesn’t shocker (via @localguardian) #
  • At Wandsworth business forum where a residents’ assoc. are talking about what they are doing to support their local businesses. Fascinating. #
  • God we are idiots!: Real Life Twitter from College Humor – – Hilarious! Check it out! (via @tbush) #
  • Impressed @AMitchellMP is on Twitter. I’m following him, mainly to see if he’ll apologise for the beating he gave me in the 2001 election. #
  • I don’t want to re-open the swine flu/council debate (you know who you are) – the post is me trying to have the last word! #
  • Totally irresponsible reporting from thelondonpaper Basically, population x random number = panic headline. #
  • I’ve been feeling bad for never doing #followfriday properly so from now on at least one a week. No particular order and all that. #
  • For my 1st #followfriday @JessicasTrust – a tireless campaigner for #maternalhealth. Follow if you have, are having or have had children. #
  • Blog fun today: Euro poll cards – 3,500 (won’t) die in Wandsworth – Linton & Heathrow #
  • The Wandsworth Prison story is now being covered by BBC News for those who are interested #
  • Another season in the 4th flight of football for the Mariners. Big thanks to the Football League for docking 30 points from Luton. #
  • Canvassed in what should be a good Labour area today. It wasn’t. I guess for them now, it’s like being a Conservative canvasser was in ’97. #

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