…well, actually, it’s already here.  It’s just that with all the fuss about MPs’ expenses and Susan Boyle everyone stopped paying it attention.  But apparently it’s officially a pandemic now.

One reason why everyone started talking about Susan Boyle is that it transpired that swine ‘flu was actually quite mild.  So mild, in fact, that some speculate there have been many many more cases but people didn’t bother going to the doctors.

I’ve blogged about swine ‘flu on several occasions before, particularly as there was concern about a few cases in Wandsworth, see Don’t panic: swine flu and WandsworthStill don’t panic: Swine flu in Wandsworth and Swine flu II: Press say “panic”.

Wandsworth is well prepared for any potential outbreak with NHS Wandsworth (who would be the lead agency), the council and other partners having well-prepared plans, although at the moment it seems it may cause fewer problems than ordinary seasonal ‘flu.

The council’s emergency page is currently offering swine ‘flu advice.

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