It’s clearly silly season.  On Twitter David Cameron has become a ‘trending topic’ (meaning he’s one of the ten most talked about topics worldwide) because of his flippant remarks about Twitter.

I’m not sure if it shows that politics and comedy don’t mix, or the self-obsessed nature of people who use things like Twitter to communicate.

You might expect me to stick up for him. And I won’t disappoint.

It was a flippant remark with a serious point. He has decided not to go on Twitter because he feels there is a risk with an immediate and limited medium. He prefers being able to communicate in a more considered fashion. Given the response to his comments, he’s probably right. Should he have used that language? Perhaps not. Are there more important things to get worked up about? Definitely.

The response says a lot more about the people talking about what he said (and I realise the irony in me saying that) than it does about him.

3 thoughts on “Cameron on Twitter

  1. Perhaps Cameron thinks Obama isn’t fit to be President!

    Remember his comment about the Special Olympics that offended so many? Or perhaps when he accused a police officer of being racist before knowing all the facts? Or that he likes to eye up young women?

    Or is it all right when Obama says something without really thinking but not when Cameron does?

    Selective judgement is easy. But perhaps in both cases we should accept they are merely human and like everyone else will make mistakes and sometimes speak out of turn.

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