Hi James

Council surgeries are an outdated mode of connecting with your constituents, and you will probably find yourself being stood up more in the future.

One of the key reasons for this is sheer age demographics, 56% (159k) of the population are 34 years or under, a bunch thats increasing more on-line and plugged in than the older generation and just not used to rocking up to surgeries.

Also libraries are unheard of to most peole these days…who visits them anyway…er clearly no one if your video is anything to go by. Libaries, books, newspapers…all that printing on dead trees is old hat. If people aren’t visiting the libraries for books they are even less likely to visit for you.

Another reasons is advertising, people simply not knowing what a surgery is, what a councillor is, exactly what you can do for them. The only place i see an advert for a councillors surgery is on the door of the furzdown project in tooting. Typically a place for the older generation, further cementing the fact that the younger lot won’t look twice at it. You need to be where the problems are.

Maybe you should put something up in GP surgeries, universities, rail stations, coffee shops, or intenet libraries.

Using twitter and having a website is great but i think most people embroiled in a issue with the council simply wouldn’t think of coming to a surgery and escalating it oir asking for advice.

I don’t know about the politics of what you can do with surgeries. But like they say “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result”
So maybe its time to tear up the rule book, get out the drawing board, and change….get some feedback…change some more…get some feedback…and may be you’ll get there.
Do something totally off the wall.

Ok thats my 2c.