After yesterday’s call for venue suggestions I’ve got a long list of potential venues.  However, only one of them was suggested repeatedly… The Goat on Battersea Rise.

I popped along today and had a look around (the last time I was in there it was a rather ghastly chain theme-pub to which I never wanted to return) and I think it will work. There seems to be a good selection of beer and wine – and I’m sure soft drinks, though I didn’t actually think to check them – and the venue seems well suited to a meeting of pseudo-strangers!

Of course, I’ve never organised a tweet-up before.  And I’ve never been to one either. But the very worst that can happen is that we all learn how to make the second SW11tweet a rampaging success.

So now most of the pieces are in place.  We have a time and date: 7pm onwards on Wednesday, 5 August.  We have a venue: The Goat, Battersea Rise.  All that’s left are the people. Are you coming?


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