This is going to be a very very short one… There is no weekly report this week. Because I’ve decided to stop doing them!

In any event this week it would have been non-existent because I had a short holiday away at the beginning of the week and – apart from a few phone calls and far too many emails – have tried to make it a whole week without too much council work.

However, the break did create the opportunity for me to have a think about the blog and the weekly reports. As I said when I started them, it was a bit of an experiment and I had some doubts about their value. The five weeks I have written them – you can find them all here – have, to my mind at least, backed up my instinct that they weren’t that valuable. And I didn’t get much feedback by way of comments, email or Tweets on them in the way I do for other posts, which suggests you didn’t find them that valuable either.

In any event much of the blog is about reporting back, so most major things will have had their own posts and as I mentioned there are lots of things which may take up a lot of time but I simply cannot discuss publicly.

However, I did enjoy the opportunity to reflect back on some of the previous weeks posts or things I’d been doing. So from next week I’ll be doing something similar – but calling it a ‘weekly round-up’. It will be an opportunity to highlight some of the things that have featured on the blog, and possibly provide updates, as well as a post in which I can mention some of the other things that didn’t get their own posts during the week.

It might just be a name-change, but I think it better reflects the tone – it means the way I write it will be slightly different and, hopefully, I won’t be creating expectations that the posts just could not meet.

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