We can argue about correspondence endlessly. As you know, we have letters dating back to 2000 between ourselves the Institute of Fundraising (from which you were formed) and chugging companies. Personally, I think 9 years trying to find a solution is more than enough. Unfortunately, in all that time you have failed to manage the chugging problem in Tooting Broadway, and, I would argue, elsewhere since Tooting Broadway is not alone in Wandsworth – or the country – in suffering the ill-effects of chugging.

The very fact that you, by your own admission, didn’t even bother to investigate Tooting Broadway when it was raised with you (instead referred to its profitability for your members) rather suggests that the only solution you consider acceptable is for chugging to be allowed at your, rather than businesses’, shoppers’ or residents’ convenience.

Our job is to represent the people who live and work in our borough. If we can find a solution we will, and if we need more powers (such as licensing powers) we will call for them. As I have discovered from my correspondence, and watching the debates develop elsewhere, if anything we’ve let down local residents by giving you nearly a decade to fail to come up with a solution.

As you know, and as we have made quite clear on several occasions, we do not feel Tooting Broadway is a suitable location for chugging and have asked you to remove it from your list of sites. I am not sure how much clearer we can be about it, especially as, at every stage, you have failed to address that request. I am not sure what value a meeting would be unless you can even acknowledge this request.