So that’s a ‘no’ then, is it? Well, let it be on record that we have asked you to come to the table to discuss this situation and you have refused.

Your job is indeed to represent your constituents (both residential and business). This gets to the nub of the issue: you see your duty as upholding your residents’ perceived ‘right’ not to be asked to support charities by a method that you personally and some of your constituents object to; charities that use F2F street fundraising believe they have an equivalent right to fundraise in support of their goals by using the most effective and cost-efficient methods.

I would have hoped that you could have seen the bigger picture and talked to us about how we can accommodate both positions, so that we could find a mutually acceptable compact that allayed the concerns of your residents while allowing charities to ask the people of Tooting to redress certain wrongs in the world. And, as many charities using F2F work in London – indeed, some have local branches in Wandsworth – they are also asking your constituents to support provision of services that some of them might well need and use.

We have made agreements like this with other London boroughs and many local authorities throughout the UK and we at the PFRA had hoped that we could also reach agreement over Tooting.

I therefore hope that you will reconsider your position not to engage with the PFRA.

Ian MacQuillin
Head of Communications