Just to restate, we have been raising this with you and your predecessors for 9 years before getting to this stage. It’s a bit rich to now offer a meeting, even then still not accepting there’s a problem, and pretend it is us who are being somehow intransigent.

It is, perhaps, part of the reason we have spent 9 years getting nowhere – which has been very frustrating for me and I’ve only been involved for 3 years. If you want to accept my response as a ‘no’ by all means do that, but to do so you also have to accept that we’ve spent nearly a decade getting nowhere with you.

Your persistence in trying to paint this as an issue with a single council is admirable, but surely the response to this has shown that this is not just a Wandsworth issue, but a national issue with people across the country able to share stories of aggressive chugging, high-pressure sales tactics and some incredibly dubious methods of getting attention and guilting people. We can quibble about correspondence all you like but it only detracts from the real issue that high streets everywhere suffer the actions of chuggers – and that’s what you purport to regulate.