Councillor Cousins

I am afaid we have to quibble about correspondence because it shows your intransigence not ours.

You imply that you have been in constant contact with the PFRA trying to resolve Tooting for nine years. You know very well that is is not the case.

In 2002, your official approached us about fundraising on Tooting Broadway. We agreed to voluntarily suspend fundraising in Tooting and removed it from our site allocation system pending a meeting. We met with the Tooting Town Centre Mangement Board in September 2002 and drafted a trial site management agreement, which we sent to the council. We never heard back so this was never approved, but Tooting remained suspended from our London site diary and it still is. Fundraisers have visited Tooting sporadically outside of our diary system since then and in greater numbers this summer which is when you resumed contact with us.

We had no contact with you over Tooting between October 2002 and July 17 2009.

You have hit the nail on the head – this is an issue with a single council and the single council is yours. We have functioning, amicable relationships with 80-plus local authorities covering most of the major connurbations in the UK (the main places charities wish to fundraise) including some that have come to us on their own initiative to discuss access for fundraisers. Why are we having such a problem talking to you?

I apologise if I misconstrued your “I am not sure what value a meeting would be” remark as an indication that you don’t want to meet us. Clearly my error.

I feel that I can do little more at this stage than to reiterate that we would like to meet with you to discuss the issue of fundraising in Tooting at which you can present your arguments to us. I am still unsure whether you wish to do that same.

PFRA will await your response through official channels.

Ian MacQuillin
Head of Communications