James, you are totally correct in your last paragraph about a new law allowing councils to control and regulate this hated practice. I have been contactin my mp and even had a letter from the Home Office confirming this. Also the head of my local council licencing department has told me that new rules are on the way. One suggestion was to ‘stop the approach’ and would make them no more offensive then tin rattler.

While this law will be in place in 2010 (date uncertain), councils won’t use this law unless local people complain and make a fuss about it. I’m trying to encourage as many people to complain as posible via this internet campaign of mine (personal crusade to others).

Why am I doing this? because I’m sick and tired of being approached four or five times a day (I work near these idiots) and being guilt tripped, insulted, followed down the road and generally harrassed for money. The PFRA are ineffective as they are paid by the very people they claim to regulate so have vested interests. The PFRA will pretend to care but really they are the marketting branch of the chugging industry.

If you want to get rid of this offensive and intrusive fundraising tactic, just complain to your licencing department.