A poor defence of chugging, although I’m surprised it took so long to come forward.

A very simple point I would make is that it is far from the only way for a charity to make money. It is also far from the best way. If you want to donate then go the the charities website: the charity will see far more of the money since they won’t have to pay the salary of a chugger or fees of a professional fund-raising company.

And would that it were “a little inconvenience”. I’ve been astounded at the strength of feeling this debate has stirred up. And this hasn’t been stirred up because the country is uncharitable, it’s been stirred up because people rightly fed up of having to navigate throngs of chuggers, hassling them, following them and laying guilt trips upon them whenever they try and go about their day-to-day lives.

Surely we are grown up enough to realise that disliking chugging isn’t the same as disliking charity.