This is such an emotive issue because, let’s face it, when we’re trying to pick up groceries in Sainsbury’s Chuggers get in the way. They persist and even, a little bit, guilt us. We can’t give to them all and we have to say no.

So, I agree, they are a nuisance.

My concern here is that the nuisance isn’t just chuggers and, even though we come across them the most, they are not the only problems on the streets. So, I believe that singling out the chuggers is hypocritical. Newspaper distributors, gym-membership and paint ballers have been mentioned. Voluntary collectors can be just as persistant. I’ve been sworn at for not popping something in the tin. No chugger has ever sworn at me in the street. My passage has been blocked on the street by a Big Issue seller. No chugger has ever stopped me. A few year’s ago I watched a marketing lady in Wimbledon stick her clipboard out in front of a mother with a pram to ask what brand of something-or-other she preferred. I’ve seen Chuggers follow people, talk and get in your face. Yes, they’re persistent but they’re, generally, polite.

But I’m sure there are examples of Chuggers doing all of the above. My point? People on the streets trying to get our attention are going to be intrusive. They will get in the way. Either regulate everybody who wants a little piece of us – voluntary, paid, money-raising or paper pushing – on the street & enforce regulations. If there is sufficient public concern then ban the lot. If there are better ways to raise money than on the streets stop all of them. I’d rather get on with my business.