I was unaware of your in-depth knowledge of non-profit fundraising. Perhaps you might like to enlighten us with your pearls of wisdom on how charities should be raising money.

Your argument about where the money goes just doesn’t add up. Are you naive enough to think that other methods of giving don’t cost money? Modern charities are highly professional organisations with, shock horror, people earning salaries for the work they do. Websites can cost thousands of pounds to maintain, let alone build in the first place.
To begrudge stret fundraisers a small wage for doing what is a very difficult job is harsh to say the least. And they don’t all work for agencies. Many of them are employees of the charity they represent.

I can think of a hundred things that annoy me a lot more than ‘chuggers’ on a daily basis, and I’m sure you can come up with a few too. Why would you pick on something that takes 3 seconds to walk past if you’re not interested, and does so much good for the world to boot?