I dont mind ‘chugging’ as i am able to deal with my own guilt at ignoring them or saying no thank-you.

Sadly most people feel affronted at being put in a position where they have to say no to the starving african child or dying dog.

They prefer to live in a world where those things dont exist and there is no duty on them to improve it.

Its a western thing and an urban thing – if people are in a bad way they probably deserve it – dont bother me with it.

People will happily sign up to pay £45 a month for 600 channels of crap on Sky but baulk at the idea of giving £5 a month to Oxfam

This Daily Mail attitude that someone ruins your day by smiling at you and asking you a question somes up why communities are falling apart – no one wants to talk to their nieghbours. we watch the news and hear that everyone is out to get us.

also if its not anti-charity why are you not taking action against the gyms, newpaper vendors and now even estate agents who hang around tooting bec station.