It’s sad you wonder that, but I can understand it. There is so much apathy in this country now and most don’t even turn up to vote these days. It is still important to those of us who care about our country and our local councils, so don’t give up.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a lot to be excited about recently though have we? I, and many others on Twitter, would LOVE to see Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. He really does care and what’s more, he gets things done.
Most politicians today are good at talking, but don’t do what they promise. I think most people are just fed up with being lied to or misled.

It is important that we have honest people in politics who still have the passion for it and who care about their country. It is a sad fact that so many people in the Tory party seem to be liars, cheats, thieves and ex cons. If they were seen to be kicked out of the party publicly, it would do the Tories the power of good.

By the way, if you’re fed up with Twitter, you’re not alone. I am at present. I block most people who follow me as I like to interact with my followers. There are a few of us who have great conversations, albeit it small ones. I’ll tweet you with some recommendations.

Keep up your good work and don’t lose faith. There are still quite a few of us who do care about what happens and we need good people such as yourself to redress the balance and to give us faith again.